Each day more than 20,000 customers enjoy delicious pizza and other mouth-watering tasty treats from FRESHSLICE. We only work with the freshest, highest quality ingredients which have been selected according to our passion for flavour and health consciousness. We pride ourselves on the quality of the food that we serve. If you haven’t tried our; healthier multigrain crust, unique selection of low-calorie sauces, and witnessed the perfectly baked cheese, you’re in for a real surprise! Not only does our Pizza taste better but you get a lot more for your money; we offer our Extra Large 16” pizzas that are 30% larger than our competitors large 14” pizzas. With better taste and better value, Freshslice is an easy choice, the next time you have a Pizza craving.

Our History

Freshslice Pizza was founded in 1999 by Ray Russell, in Vancouver, British Columbia, when he decided to find a better way to prepare the pizza, he loves. Starting with a single restaurant, Freshslice quickly grew into a thriving ‘by the slice’ and delivery business. Freshslice is able to offer customers delicious pizza at prices lower than most of our competitors, so you can enjoy the pizza you love, more often.
Customers love Freshslice and the company has grown to 75+ locations. Our team is committed to making your experience truly memorable. We want you to be regulars, to share your stories with us, and in turn maybe hear a few of ours. The most important thing for us is that with every visit you walk away with a great experience from beginning to end. Our menu has been designed with a focus on freshness and local seasonal produce.

Voted One Of The Best

The Georgia Straight, in its’ annual reader poll, The Golden Plates, voted FRESHSLICE one of the best ‘by the slice’ pizza joints in B.C. for three years in a row! Whether you order a slice or a whole pizza, we’re famous for our quality. More and more pizza lovers are discovering the difference that our attention to detail makes, crafting pizza’s, just the way you like. Enjoy….


Since our beginning, in 1999, the Freshslice journey has been filled with a passion for pizza. We are constantly working on new ideas, as we did from the start, by introducing a new, “pizza by the slice” concept, to the food scene in Vancouver. At the heart of Freshslice, is our desire to produce exceptionally tasty, quality pizza, at a price that will impress. We do things differently here and are always looking to improve our offerings, respect our customers and provide value, second to none. We only have one goal in mind, to offer you delicious, healthy, pizza’s without compromise.