Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)


Single-unit and mult-unit partners open Freshslice restaurants as owners / operators.

Area Developers on the other hand:

  • Build out territories by recruiting franchisees
  • Oversee all ongoing marketing and operations while maintaining Freshslice operational standards and guidelines
  • Secure and maintain quality supply chain

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1. You will be required to fill out and email your Confidential Qualification Report and Personality Profile to one of our franchise managers. If you have the proper qualifications in regards to work experience, finances and career goals, you will be scheduled for a screening call.

Click here to begin your application.

2. If you pass your screening call, you will be invited to our head office for a 2 hour face-to-face interview. If you are in another province and or country, you will be invited to your Area Developer’s head office for your face-to-face interview.

3. If you pass your first interview, you will be scheduled to come back to the office for your second interview with either the C.E.O. or Area Developer (depending on what province you are in).

4. If you pass your second interview, you will be briefed on the official steps to begin the process of either taking over an existing location or opening a new Freshslice Pizza restaurant.

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It will take 2-4 months to take over an existing Freshslice Pizza restaurant and or build a new one.

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Franchisees are selected by the following main criteria:

1. Type of work experience

2. Career goals and entrepreneurial spirit

3. Finances

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Yes, owners of other franchises can most certainly qualify for a Freshslice Pizza franchise – as long as they understand the restrictions (if any) of their current contract with the franchisor. We welcome with arm arms experienced franchisees to join Freshslice Pizza.

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The total cost to open a Freshslice location is $245,000 + $10,000 (upfront capital for the first month) = $255,000.

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As a Franchisee you will be required to have $120,000 of unencumbered funds (45% of the total investment + $10,000 of upfront capital for the first month).

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You will receive a turn-key restaurant that will consist of:

  • Support finding a location
  • Store design and construction
  • All required equipment and inventory
  • Advice and assistance in the hiring of required staff
  • Support with purchasing and distribution assistance
  • Quality control check-ups
  • Regional district managers
  • Free marketing and advertising services
  • Grand opening party

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You need to have at least 2-4 years of experience in either the food and beverage industry, sales and or the retail industry. We look more specifically at whether you have managed a team, worked in a restaurant and or have run a small business.

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For many reasons, more specifically:

1. 0% Royalty, 0% Advertising

2. Half the investment cost compared to other franchises

3. Unique product (Gluten-free, by the slice, thin crust)

4. In-House Dough Manufacturing

5. In-House Distribution

6. Equipment and Small-wares System

7. In-House Construction and Design

8. In-House Project Management

9. District Management Services

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You can expect support in all areas of your business. This includes:

1. Purchasing Power

2. Quality Control

3. On-going Training

4. Operations Systems

5. Financial Management Systems

6. New Product Development

7. Customer Service Training

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If our Real Estate team has a location available, then yes we will provide it for you if you pass the application process. However, if we do not have a location available we will support you in choosing a correct location pertaining to head office requirements.

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Your total training from start to end will consist of 3 weeks.

First you start with an On The Job Evaluation (O.J.E.) which consists of a 5-day training period. Your OJE will be a great starting point for not only as us to gain a better understanding of your current knowledge and learning speed, but also for you to get a better understanding of us as a brand and future partners.

After you have completed your O.J.E., you will be scheduled for your management training that will consist of 2 weeks.

From there you will receive ongoing support from our District Managers and head office team.

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Yes, we have great chartered bank partner experts (RBC and Diversity Capital) standing by to help you build your dream.

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You will purchase all of this from Freshslice and other authorized suppliers.

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Freshslice has designed a comprehensive grand opening program that will give your business a tremendous kick-start. We will plan, schedule and coordinate all of the promotional material and advertising for you so you can concentrate on training and customer service. The investment required for your grand opening program is approximately $5,000.

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Upon signing the Confidential Qualification Report, we will give you a detailed list of franchisees you can visit to discuss their business details. Because our initial investment is so low, the return on your investment can be exceptionally HIGH. The amount of profit you make is largely based upon your ability to closely follow our business system and to be passionate about Freshslice and it’s products.

[APPLY NOW] To become a franchisee

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Yes, you can. If we have an existing location for sale, we will provide you the details about the location and will support you in purchasing it.

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1. Our unique business system is simpler – we need fewer types of equipment

2. This results in less construction costs and faster new restaurant openings

3. We deal directly with our equipment suppliers and pass the savings onto the Franchisees – in our license system we do not “double dip”

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1. Entrepreneurial spirit

2. Proven business background

3. Experience managing people

4. Strong real estate connections

5. Will to devote your full-time and attention

6. Previously owned and operated a successful business

7. Previously worked as an Area Developer for another Franchise

8. Solid financial resources with a minimum of $150,000 unencumbered funds (cash on hand)

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  • Canada
    • Manitoba
    • Ontario: Great Toronto Area
    • Ontario: Tri-Cities (Kitchener / Cambridge / Waterloo)
    • Ontario: Hamilton / Burlington
    • Ontario: Ottawa Capital Region
    • Nova Scotia-New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland & Labrador
    • Prince Edward Island
    • [APPLY NOW]
  • United States of America

Don’t see your province, state or country? If we find the right candidate, we will go anywhere in the world.

Apply Now and list your proposed province, state, or country!

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You will get between 1-2 months of training at the head office. 2 weeks of your training will be at one of our Freshslice training centres, and the remainder of your training will be at our head office where you will learn about:

  • Operations
  • Retail merchandising and marketing
  • Commissary operations
  • Back office
  • Construction & real estate

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Area Developers on the other hand invest significant capital and purchase Freshslice’s assets, brand recognition and team’s experience to oversee the expansion into a specific province or state. ADP’s essentially:
•Build out territories by recruiting franchisees (identifying franchisees, qualifying them through a comprehensive interview process and lead the franchisee all the way to opening their restaurant)
•Oversee all ongoing marketing and operations while maintaining Freshslice operational standards and guidelines
•Secure and maintain quality supply chain


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