Most everybody agrees that the most important part of your pizza is the crust. We only use multigrain dough* at Freshslice to make all of our pizza’s dough; whether you choose our regular or our Cauliflower based gluten-free crusts. Expertly prepared, our combination of grains creates a wonderful texture and crust resulting, in a subtly different flavour and texture which is sure to please, even the most discerning, pizza lover.

*Except Gourmet Thin 11″


As proud supporters of the Canadian dairy industry and its farmers, it’s our mission to provide Freshslice customers with nutritious, high-quality cheeses you’ll love. Our mozzarella and Freshslice cheddar cheeses are produced from fresh, high quality pasteurized milk. High-quality standards and craftsmanship result in a semi-firm, bacteria ripened white cheese with a mild delicate flavour.


Our pizza sauce has a light red color and bright tangy
taste. It has a distinctive aromatic quality, that you can sense on the roof of
your mouth the moment you bite into a slice. Freshslice has perfected our
recipe over the past 20 years……we think we got it right and so will you.


Freshslice Pizza is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Flavourful sauces, real cheeses, fresh toppings all spread on a delicious multigrain crust equals, comfort food at its finest …. add a comfy couch and a glass of Merlot and you’re in heaven. Freshslice pizza offers recipes for every type of pizza-loving palette. Balanced flavours, fresh ingredients, crafted just for you. We confident you’ll find the right combination of flavours to satisfy your pizza craving.