Mt.Seymour Fun Snow Cave Event A1A

Saturday, February 4, 2017

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Come & Join us for  Oven-Baked Fresh Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza specially prepared for you by the Founder “Ray Russell” of Freshslice Pizza.

·        A & W parking lot

1133 Mount Seymour Road
Corner of Mount Seymour Parkway & Mount Seymour Rd
North Vancouver, BC (edit map)

  • “Meet in front of A & W parking lot 1133 Mount Seymour Road at 8:00 AM “

*{This is a day event }*.

The hike is super short ~ 15 minutes from parking lot and the elevation gain 100 m

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Thank you.


Hello snow cave lovers,

You are welcome to join us for a fun-filled snow cave and enjoy the activities on the mountain. You can learn how to build a snow cave and enjoy helping others build a snow cave. All the fun and snow cave experience you could wish for packed in a single day event. This will be a very fun learning experience for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. An experience you will talk about for years!  This is an event with No dogs & No kids.

Not only will you have fun and reveal your inner child, most importantly, you will benefit from this learning experience.  Everyone will work together to build an effective survival shelter that one day could possibly be a lifesaver.

We are going to build a few beautiful 2 or 3 people snow cave designs by Master Architect Daryoush.

My agenda is to build a huge snow cave to make this event extra memorable.

I’d like keep our nature clean, therefore I’ll bring 2 toilet seats, garbage bags, toilet papers, snow saw, pipe, tarps, etc.  We are going to make 2 outhouses 1 for ladies and 1 for gentlemen and we’ll take all human waste from our camp site to the parking lot.

You don’t have to stay until 7:00 PM, You can leave as soon as you learn how to build a safe snow cave for yourself.

Keep reading the updates for any changes to this event!

            ******{{{  We go shine or snow !!  }}}******* 

Please bring: 

*$20  e-transfer OR cash per person for expenses

*Hiking or snow boots

*Snowshoes (Rent from MEC)

*Snow shovel (Rent from MEC)

*Outer shell pants or bibs – Gore-Tex style

*Warm jacket/parka – down, fleece or pile

*Gloves plus one pair extra

*Warm hat – wool or fleece

*Warm winter clothes

*Sandwich and Snacks

*Gaiters. *Headlamp,*whistle

*Thermos with hot water, tea or coffee…

*Bring your nice smile and positive energy please.


*************{{{   Optional }}}***********


* Long snow saw or normal saw

*Big Tarp

*Hiking camp stove & cooking gear


* Knee protection pad

* Sitting foam pad

*Mini crampons

*Food: Lunch, dinner

* If you play any instrumental such as guitar, Violin etc,  bring it and show us your talent please.


                                      { Learn how to: Surviving the Night }  

An accident, emergency, injury, poor weather, or unstable avalanche conditions may cause you to spend the night in the backcountry.

A snow cave is a shelter constructed in snow by hikers, climbers, winter recreational enthusiasts, and winter survivalists. It has thermal properties similar to an igloo and is particularly effective at providing protection from wind as well as low temperatures.
Your combination of equipment and skills determines whether your night out will be mildly uncomfortable or a brutal epic. A snow cave heated with a candle from your survival kit will enable you spend the night in relative comfort.
A properly made snow cave can be 0 °C (32 °F) or warmer inside, even when outside temperatures are −40 °C (−40 °F).



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Duration: the part requiring stamina:

A No more than 4 hours average hiking time at a slow to medium pace. eg: Holyburn Mtn., Seymour Mtn., Lyn Peak, Stawamus Chief, High Falls Creek, St. Marks Summit, Mt Cheam. Note: in winter many of these become “B”

B 4-7 hours average hiking time at a medium to moderate pace.eg: Crown Mtn.,The Lions, Mt. Harvey, Brunswick Mt., Deeks Lake, Unnecessary Mt., Goat Mt. Lady & CheAm, Hanegan Peak, Yellow Aster Butte, Joffre Lakes, Elk Thurston. Note: in winter many of these become “C” hikes

C More than 8 hours average hiking time at a fast pace. For advanced hikers. Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk, Tricouni Peak, Cloudburst Mt., The Needles, Mt. Fee, Mt. Windsor, Sky Pilot, Burke Ridge, Golden Ears, Dilly Dally

D More than 12 hours average hiking time, fast paced, into less traveled areas. For very fit and experienced hikers only.

Difficulty: the part requiring strength and skill

1 Gentle gradient, rolling terrain.
2 Moderate gradient, occasional fairly steep but short sections.
3 Prolonged steep gradient, some scrambling and/or bushwhacking possible, occasional use of hands may be

Elevation Gain (cumulative): the part requiring fitness

a Up to 500 m
b 500 m to 1000 m
c 1000 m to 1500 m
d Over 1500 m