In Vancouver 2.6 million paper cups end up in landfills each week. Single-use paper cups are non-recyclable. The polyethylene lining is difficult to separate from the paper layer which renders the paper cups challenging to recycle. Therefore leaving a huge environmental footprint.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Freshslice is committed to leading the pizza industry with innovative sustainable solutions.
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Reusable Drink Cups

Purchase for $2. Bye bye paper cups! Note: $1 deposit refund will be honoured until December 31, 2022.

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Reusable Sports Bottles

Purchase for $2. 10 cents goes to our charity freshslice Cares.

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Bring Your Own Cup

Got a favourite drink cup? Bring it in and save! Up to 1 litre.

Along with helping to SAVE
the environment…
All three reusable options SAVE
our guests $0.25 per drink fill!

In January 2023 we will discontinue serving fountain drinks altogether, and will switch completely to cans. After the switch, the $0.25 savings will no longer apply.

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Our goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate single-use paper products by the end of 2023.
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No More Cardboard Pizza Box

Can you imagine a world without pizza boxes? We can! We are currently reinventing the way pizza is transported. Whether it's delivery or takeout, our research and development team is working hard to perfect our resable pizza box. Stay tuned!

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Zero Emission

As part of our green sustainability movement, we've encourage all our franchise partners and head office management to "go electric!". A generous incentive package including a $1000 subsidy is available for those who switch to a zero emission vehicle.